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Pear Park Baptist Church

"Holding forth the Word of Life" Phil. 2:16

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"Christ is Coming'
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      (Sacred Music, unless otherwise notes)


12:30 (M,F)  Hephzibah House

           (T,Th)  Miracles

           (W)  Fortress of Faith

1:00   Sermon and Song

1:30   Creation Moments

1:32   Word for Life

2:00   Bible Institute of the Air

2:30   Challenge for the Day

3:00   (M,W,F) Bible in Depth

           (T,Th) Unshackled!

3:30   Phyllis Schlafly, Legal Alert

3:55   (M,W,F) Sunshine on the Soapsuds

4:00   Glimpses of Calvary

4:30   (M,T,Th,F)  Adventures in Literature

5:00   Recorded Challenge

6:00   Bible Thought for the Day

6:30   Psalms and Proverbs

7:40   (M) Legal Alert, News, Weather

           (T) Weather, Legal Alert, Phyllis Schafly, News

           (W,Th,F) Weather, Legal Alert, News

8:00   Psalms and Proverbs

8:15   Creation Moments

8:30  Challenge for the Day

8:55   Sunshine on the Soapsuds

9:00   (M,W,F) The Bible in Depth

           (T,Th) Miracles

9:30    Adventures in Literature

10:00  (M) On to Victory

             (T,Th) Unshackled!

             (W,F) Issues for Fundamental Christians

11:30  Scriptural Evangelism

11:35  Glimpses of Calvary



12:00 New Testament Bible Reading

12:20 Phyllis Schlafly

           The Legal Alert with David Gibbs


1:00   Recorded Challenge

2:30   Challenge for the Day

           (M) Treasury of Great Hymns

           (W) Bob Shelton Gospel Ministries

           (F) Word of Truth with Dr. Bob Jones Sr.

3:00   (M-Th)  Bible Institute of the Air

3:30   (M,F)  Voice of Hephzibah House

           (T,Th) Talking Education

           (W) Fortress of Faith

4:00   Sermon and Song

4:30   Glimpses of Calvary

4:45   Creation Moments

5:00   Phyllis Schlafly, Legal Alert,

5:10   Weather

5:15   (F)  In the Public Interest

6:30   Challenge for the Day

7:00   Adventures in Literature

7:30   Word for Life

8:00   (M) Chapel Echoes

           (T,Th) Miracles

           (W) On to Victory

           (F) Word of Truth

8:30   (Th) Talking Education

9:00   Bible Institute of the Air

10:00 The Quiet Time

10:30 (M,T,W,F) Creation Moments

11:30  (M) Word of Truth

           (T) Bob Shelton

           (W) Wonderful Word Hour

           (Th) Stones Cry Out

           (F) Gospel of Hope 


Saturday Programs


      1:00    Fortress of Faith

1:30    Creation Moments

2:00    Bob Shelton

2:30    Old Testament Bible Reading

2:40    Wonderful Word Hour

3:00    Talking Education

4:00    Chapel Echoes

6:00    Gospel of Hope

8:00    Old Testament Bible Reading

8:30    A Visit with Mrs. G.

8:45    Children’s Bible Club

9:00    Children’s Story Time

10:00  Children’s Gospel Hour



12:00 New Testament Bible Reading

1:00   Chapel Echoes

3:00   Sermon and Song

6:00   Creation Moments

8:00   Gospel of Hope

8:45   Bob Shelton

9:30   Creation Moments

9:45   Word of Truth

10:25 Old Testament Bible Reading

11:30 Glimpses of Calvary


Sunday Programs


1:30    Challenge for the Day

2:00   Glimpses of Calvary

3:00   On to Victory

4:00   Wonderful Word Hour

4:30   Word for Life

5:00   Sermon and Song

6:00   Bob Shelton

8:00   Old Testament Bible Reading

9:00   Wonderful Word Hour

10:00  Fortress of Faith

11:00  Pear Park Baptist Church Service



12:30   New Testament Bible Reading

3:00    Miracles

3:30    The Stones Cry Out

4:30    Bob Shelton

5:00    Men for Missions

5:30    Gospel of Hope

6:30    Pear Park Baptist Church Service

9:00    Fortress of Faith

9:30    Creation Moments

10:20  Old Testament Bible Reading

11:00  Unshackled!