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Dress Code

The dress code is given to teach neatness, self-respect, and modesty and to conform to a learning atmosphere. Extremes of fashion should be avoided by our students.




SKIRTS or DRESSES are worn for classroom attire. CULOTTES are worn for physical education class or special activities. Hemlines are to be no shorter than the bottom of the knee when seated.

Clothing may not be tight or revealing. Tops that are low in front or back, short, or sleeveless are not allowed. Masculine dress, tattoos, piercing other than in the ear lobe are not allowed. Elementary girls may not wear hose.



Collared shirts are required (no tee shirts), or a polo-style shirt with buttons. Blue jeans may be worn only in grades K-5, unless for special activities. Wind pants are not allowed. Pants must be worn with a belt. No piercing, tattoos, or jewelry (except a ring) are allowed. Hair is to be off the collar, off the ears, out of the eyes, and tapered. Fad haircuts are not allowed. Young men are to be clean shaven.

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