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History of Pear Park Baptist Church

Pear Park Baptist Church was organized on June 11, 1903, with 13 charter members. Land at the current location was donated, and a building was erected. In January of 1904, the Sunday School was organized. As a country church Pear Park had outreach to the community with mission Sunday Schools at the Fruitvale, Garfield, and Allen school houses.


       In the early years, Pear Park was a part of the Northern Baptist Convention. However, in 1950 Pear Park, in order to remain true to fundamental Bible doctrine, severed its connection with the convention. For a period of about 12 years following, the church was part of the Conservative Baptist Association. Then, in 1962, Pear Park became an independent church.


       Over the years, Pear Park has had a number of good pastors. One of those men was Harlan Larsen. In 1974 he became pastor and served for over 20 years. During his tenure, the ministry of Pear Park was greatly enhanced. Both the Christian School and the Radio Station were begun. Also under his leadership the current auditorium building was constructed.


       In June of 1995, Randy David became pastor. Today Pear Park is building families and individuals for Christ as we reach into our neighborhood and around the world. God has been good to Pear Park Baptist Church over the years, and He continues to bless for which we are thankful. By the Lord's help it is our prayer that Pear Park will continue to reach the lost and minister to saints, giving God the glory.

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