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These are our service times:


  • Sunday School                                          10:00 AM

  • Morning Worship Service                         11:00 AM

  • Evening Worship Service                            6:30 PM

  • Children's Master Club                               5:20 PM


  • Prayer Meeting                                            7:00 PM

Fundamental Baptist Church
Sunday School 10:00 AM

Pear Park has Sunday School classes for all ages.

  • Children: Nursery, 2-3's, 4-5's, Primary (grades 1-3), and Juniors (grades 4-6)

  • Teens

  • Adults: Senior Saints, Ambassadors, and Young Adults​

Sunday AM & PM

The Sunday morning service is our most popular service in which we worship the Lord with sacred music, Scripture reading, prayer, preaching, and fellowship. The service begins at 11 am and is usually done by 12:15 pm. We have a staffed nursery as well as a junior church for both preschool and elementary.  Come visit us this Sunday! We would love you to be our guests.

The Sunday evening service is a joyful time with more singing and a different message than preached in the morning service. Faithful Christians find the evening service to be a mainstay in their walk with the Lord. 

Wednesday Evening Prayer

Our Wednesday night service is encouraging and supportive.  We begin by singing a couple of hymns to God followed by an abbreviated message from the Bible addressing practical Christian issues. An important part of every Wednesday service is the time of prayer and praise. The congregation shares prayer requests and praises then divides up into small groups of 2-4. These small groups provide an opportunity not only to pray but also to build friendships. This service is often a highlight in the week for both the church congregation as well as any that might be our guests.  

Whether Sunday morning, Sunday evening, or Wednesday guests are always welcome, and we pray that as you continue to come you may find at Pear Park a church where you feel at home and grow in your walk with God and love for the people of Jesus Christ. 

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