Pear Park Baptist School offers sound Christian education for grades K-12.

We offer a traditional classroom setting and teachers who love the Lord. The atmosphere provides students with personal attention and strong academics. 

As a ministry of Pear Park Baptist Church, the school has limited open enrollment for grades K-6. 

Grades 7-12 are limited to members of Pear Park Baptist Church or those from churches of like faith and practice.

Coming Events 2020-2021

CALENDAR: 2020-21 Academic Year


K/5 attends M-F 8:15-11:15

Grades 1-12 attend M-F 8:15-3:30


School Begins (all grades)                                                                              Sept. 8

Parent Meeting                                                                                              Sept. 14

Educator's Conference (NO SCHOOL)                                                        Oct. 1-2

End of First Quarter                                                                                         Nov. 4

Report Cards sent home                                                                               Nov. 11

School out at 11:50 A.M. (Parent/Teacher Conferences)                         Nov. 12

NO SCHOOL (Parent/Teacher Conferences)                                              Nov. 13

Thanksgiving Vacation                                                                             Nov. 23-27

Christmas Vacation                                                                           Dec. 21 - Jan. 1

Martin Luther King Day - (NO SCHOOL)                                                       Jan. 18

End of Second Quarter/First Semester                                                        Jan. 20

Report Cards sent home                                                                                Jan. 25

Washington’s Birthday (NO SCHOOL)                                                         Feb. 15

C.A.C.S. Travel Day (NO SCHOOL)                                                                Mar. 10

C. A. C. S. Academic & Fine Arts Competition                                            Mar. 11

Spring Vacation                                                                                         Mar. 12-19

End of Third Quarter                                                                                     Mar. 26

Report Cards sent home                                                                               Mar. 31

IOWA Testing (AM)                                                                               Mar. 30-Apr.1

Spring Program /Awards, 7:00 PM                                                               May 21

End of 4th Quarter/2nd Semester out at 11:50 A.M.                                May 27

K/5 Graduation and Commencement                                                         May 28

Report Cards may be picked up at the office                                              June 4



Please Note: These dates may change.

The Blessings of Pear Park Baptist School

22.  Chapels

23.  Creationism

24.  Bible classes with sound Bible teaching

25.  Christian fine arts competition

26.  Christian music festival

27.  Caring volunteer tutors

28.  Mentoring

29.  Absence of drugs, alcohol, immorality, and profanity

30.  Freedom to love Christ all you want to

31.  Bible memory

32.  Life challenging discussions

33.  Discipline

34.  Bible college encouraged

35.  Faithfulness to local church encouraged

36.  Respect of authority encouraged

37.  Ministry encouraged

38.  Challenging academics

39.  138 years of teaching experience among faculty

40.  Academics that equip for college

41.  A safe place

1.      It is the church ministering to our families

2.      It encourages parents, students, and the church family

3.      It uses the gifts of the church people

4.      It equips young people for serving in Christ’s church.

5.      Its purpose is to glorify God

6.      Its goal is Christlikeness

7.      Its worldview is Christian

8.      Its emphasis is on godliness

9.      Its standards are Biblical

10.  Its teachers are Christ-loving

11.  Its objectives are eternal

12.  Its atmosphere is Christian

13.  Its curriculum is Biblically based

14.  Its curriculum is well rounded and balanced

15.  Its calendar coincides with the church

16.  The children and parents are important

17.  The teachers love the students

18.  The classes are small

19.  The tuition is affordable

20.  Christian character is expected

21.  “Good” friends

Christian Education

Pear Park Baptist School

3102 E Road

Grand Junction, CO 81504

(970) 434-4113

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