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Sunday School & Youth

Sunday School 10:00 am

Pear Park Sunday School has Bible Study classes for all ages.

  • Children: Nursery, 2-3s, 4-5s, Primary (grades 1-3), Juniors (grades 4-6)

  • Teens

  • College and Career (June through August)

  • Young Adult Class, Ambassador Class, and Senior Saints

Teen  Growth Program

Our teen philosophy encourages young people to love the Lord and grow in him as they learn and serve in the local church.  Our youth leaders mentor our teens as they serve the Lord together.  This combination produces mature happy teens who love the Lord and are an asset to the cause of Christ.

  • Bible Study 10:00 am Sundays    

  • Traditional Christian School for grades 7-12 

  • Ministries: Choir, Instrumental Ensemble, Junior Church helpers, VBS helpers, Assisted Living Outreach  

  • Tuesday Evening Teen Outreach 6 PM   

  • Mission Trips 

  • Bible Camp

  • Teen Activities

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