Elementary Supplies Needed


KJV New Testament

6" ruler

Several primary writing tablets
Glue Sticks (no liquid glue!)

4 regular #2 size pencils


crayons - regular size school box

2 large boxes tissues


4 primary pencils (K/4 only)


First - Third Grades:

KJV Bible

watercolor paints

scissors crayons - regular size


Glue Stick (no liquid glue!)

school box

2 #2 pencils

12" ruler

2 large boxes tissues

1st grade: primary tablets

2nd/ 3rd grades: wide-space loose-leaf notebook paper

Christian School

All Secondary Grades

KJV Bible

college rule notebook paper

three-ring binder

red pen

2 blue or black pens


white out

2 large boxes tissues

mechanical pencils


P.E Shirts and culottes can be purchased through the bookstore. Young men will need black jeans.


Junior High

simple calculator

protractor & compass

Art Class, Shop, and Home Ec:

Teachers will inform students as supplies are needed.


High School

scientific calculator

protractor & compass

Secondary Supplies Needed

No worldly graphics on any school supplies!
Assignments will only be accepted on loose leaf notebook paper!

Parent Helps

Fine Arts Competition

Fourth - Sixth Grades:

KJV Bible

compass (5th & 6th)


protractor (5th & 6th)




Glue Stick (no liquid glue!)

colored pencils



basic calculator

2 pens (1 red and 1 blue or black)

1" notebook for handouts

3 large boxes tissues

Wide-ruled paper (5th & 6th may use college-rule) and a notebook

spiral notebooks only for note-taking (check with your teacher)

Elementary girls need to bring modest blouse and culottes for P.E.

These should be in a bag. If possible, mark all items of clothing.

Clothes should be taken home each Friday for laundering